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Historic Architecture

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Images: Hartford City

Blackford County Courthouse

A partial view of the Blackford County Courthouse. I wasn't able to back up far enough to get a clear view of the entire building. The courthouse dates from 1894; the tower is said to be about 165 feet tall. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Image: 1 July 2001

Tyner Building

The W. H. Tyner Building bears a date of 1900. It's also marked with the Knights of Pythias emblem. It sits in the 200 block of West Main Street in Hartford City.
Image: 1 July 2001


Weiler's is an imposing three-story Romanesque Revival building that sits at 104 Main Street in downtown Hartford City. It bears a 1904 date and when I took this picture in housed a discount furniture store.
Image: 1 July 2001

Hotel Ingram

The Hotel Ingram is a three story Romanesque Revival structure that sits at the intersection of Main and Jefferson Streets in downtown Hartford City. It bears street addresses of 118 and 122 North Jefferson.
Image: 1 July 2001

Hartford City Public Library

The Hartford City Public Library dates from 1903. It sits at 314 North High Street.
Image: 1 July 2001

Rosenbush Building

The Rosenbush Building probably dates from the 1890s. The Renaissance Revival structure bears a street address of 110 Main Street.
Image: 1 July 2001

Campbell Building

The Campbell Building is a two-story Renaissance Revival structure that dates from 1901. The street address is 200 West Washington.
Image: 1 July 2001

200 Block West Washington

This two-story building sits in the 200 Block of West Washington Street, in Hartford City.
Image: 1 July 2001

Ervin Building Detail

This is a close-up of a leaded glass sign on the Ervin Building. The Ervin Building went up prior to 1910, and bears street addresses of 201 and 205 West Washington Street. For some reason I don't have an image of the entire building.
Image: 1 July 2001