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Historic Architecture
Pearl Street

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Images: New Albany: Pearl Street

Merchants National Bank

202 Pearl Street. 1869.

211 Pearl Street

213 Pearl Street

Goodbub Confectionary Buildings

The Goodbub Confectionary Buildings are at 217-219 Pearl Street. 219 Pearl (on the right) dates from 1872; 217 Pearl (on the left) from 1886.

Lang Block

The Lang Block occupies the southwest corner of Pearl and Market Streets. It dates from about 1855 and bears a street address of 227 Pearl.

Isaac Friend Building

230 Pearl Street. 1876.

Kresge Building

302 Pearl Street. 1930.

Charles Eurton Cafe

310 Pearl Street. Dates from around 1900.

Herbst Building

312 Pearl Street

Herbst Building Detail

Herbst Building Detail

Herbst Building Detail

Herbst Building Detail

Switow Building

314 Pearl Street. 1914.

Preston Arts Center

315 Pearl Street

Hieb Building

The Hieb Building dates from 1870; the street address is 316-318 Pearl.

Baers Bazaar

The 1900 Baers Bazaar sits at 319-321 Pearl.

Kaiser Building

326 Pearl Street. 1886.