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Historic Architecture

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Images: Attica

2 South Perry

100 Block North Perry

100 North Perry

101 North Perry

103 North Perry

105 North Perry

108 North Perry

108 South Perry

110 South Perry

112 North Perry

112 North Perry; Also 112.5 and 114 North Perry

113 South Perry

202 South Perry

208 South Perry

Abe's Barber Shop

Church of Christ

1891. Northeast corner of Jackson and Brady.

Devon Theater

1938. 107 West Mill Street. Art Deco Style.

First United Methodist

200 East Jackson Street. Probably dates to 1920.

First United Methodist Detail

Stained glass over entrance.

First United Methodist Tower

Hotel Attica

126 North Perry. National Register of Historic Places.

Masonic Temple

215 South Perry Street

Reitz Mercantile

Roemer and Son

107 South Perry Street. National Register of Historic Places.

Roemer and Son Detail

Sam Newmark Sign, still attached to Roemer Building.

Roemer and Son Close-up Detail

Close-up of Sam Newmark Sign, showing Muncie, Indiana Origin.

The Annex

North Perry Street