Images of Rochester Indiana
Historic Architecture

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Images: Rochester

Fulton County Courthouse

Construction on the Fulton County Courthouse ended in 1896.

Courthouse entrance

An entrance to the Fulton County Courthouse showing three of the ten or so stone lions that surround the building.

Fulton County Courthouse Lion

A close-up of one of the ten or so stone lions that surround the Fulton County Courthouse.


Baileys bore a second sign on the right that said "Hardware" when I took this photo in 2007. Not sure there was anything in the ground floor space to the left of the entrance, nor do I know what may have been on the upper two floors. Interesting entryway and windows, though. The street address is 712 Main.

All About Pets

This three-story building housed All About Pets when I took the photo in 2007. The building is at 710 Main Street in Rochester, and sports some interesting brickwork on the upper two stories.

Masonic Hall

The Masonic Hall bears an 1869 date, and during my visit looked like it had fallen on hard times. The street address is 730 Main; this is a view from the east.

Times Theater

618 Main

Rochester Streetscape

This is a view of the west side (in part) of the courthosue square in Rochester.