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Historic Architecture
Mulberry Street

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Images: Madison: Mulberry Street

Central Hotel

301 Mulberry. c1830.

317 Mulberry

Italianate. c1840.

319 Mulberry Street

Italianate. c1840.

321 Mulberry Street

Italianate. c1865.

323 Mulberry Street

Federal Style. c1840.

325 Mulberry Street

Federal Style. c1840.

327 Mulberry Street

Italianate. c1850.

Odd Fellows Lodge

410-418 Mulberry Street. 1911.
Classical Revival.

McKee House

428 Mulberry. 1832.
Federal Style.

Christ Episcopal Rectory

500 Mulberry. c1840.
Federal Style.

Christ Episcopal Church

506 Mulberry. 1848.
Gothic Revival.