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Historic Architecture

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Images: South Bend

Old Courthouse from above


Tower Building

The Tower Building is at 216 West Washington Street, in South Bend. Sometimes referred to as the Hebard Tower, it dates from 1929. Peregrine falcons have used this building as a nesting site. National Register of Historic Places.

Saint Hedwig's Catholic Church

Founded by Polish immigrants, Saint Hedwig's Catholic Church dates from 1881. It sits at 313 South Scott Street, on the southwest corner of Napier and Scott.

First Bank Building

205-215 West Jefferson Street

JMS Building

102-110 North Main Street. 1916. National Register of Historic Places.

State Theater

The State Theater opened around 1921 as the Blackstone Theater and in its prime had 1800 seats. Since then it has seen a variety of owners and uses. It is at 212 South Michigan and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Wells Fargo Building

The Wells Fargo Building, also known as the Citizens Bank, is a National Register of Historic Places structure located at 112 West Jefferson Street in South Bend. The six-story building dates from 1914.

Tippecanoe Place

Tippecanoe Place was once the home of the Studebaker family. Among other amenities, it has forty rooms, twenty fireplaces, and twenty-six thousand square feet of space. The mansion dates from 1889 and sits at 620 West Washington Street. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a National Historic Landmark.

South Bend High School

330 West Colfax.

Saint Peter's Evangelical Church

Saint Peter's Evangelical Church is at 415 West LaSalle Street in South Bend. It dates from 1927.

Morris Performing Arts Center

211 North Michigan.

Chase Tower

The Chase Tower is the tallest building in South Bend; it has 25 stories and is about 330 feet tall. The building dates from 1971 and has a street address of 211 West Washington Street; the Holiday Inn (which occupies a dozen floors) is at 213 West Washington. This is a view from the northwest.

Ambassadors for Christ

302 West Washington Street, at the corner of Washington and Lafayette. 1888.

American Trust Company

111 West Washington Street. This is a view from the southwest. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places as the All American Bank Building; it dates from 1924.

Grace Building

312-314 West Colfax Street. It is listed on the National Register of History Places as the Summers-Longley House Building. The Classical Revival structure dates from 1910.

First Presbyterian Church

1953. Colonial style. 333 West Colfax.

511 West Colfax

Queen Anne Inn

1893. 420 West Washington.

500 Block West Washington

View from the south.

Cushing Manor

508 West Washington. View from the north-northwest. About 1872.

English Rose Inn

116 South Taylor Street. About 1892. View from the west.

Oliver Inn

630 West Washington. About 1880. View from the north.

Temple Beth-El

The former Temple Beth-El building at 410 South Taylor Street was once an Orthodox Jewish synagogue. The Georgian Revival structure bears Hebrew inscriptions and appears to date from 1923.

Saint Patrick's Catholic Church

Irish immigrants founded Saint Patrick's Catholic Church; this building dates from 1886. The street address is 309 South Taylor Street.

Grant Federal Building

The Robert A. Grant Federal Building and United States Courthouse dates from 1931. It sits at 204 South Main Street; this view is from the southwest.

Old Courthouse


229 North Lafayette

This may (or may not) be the W.R. Hinkle & Co. Building listed in the National Historic Register at 225 North Lafayette. The only street number I saw on the building was 229, but there were other doors without numbers.