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Images: Lafayette:

Lafayette Indiana has an amazing stock of historic architecture. There are lots of buildings, many are impressive, and many are in good shape. The overall effect is a space where people want to be, and unlike many Indiana towns Lafayette enjoys a relatively vibrant downtown scene with lots of specialized storefront retail and pedestrian traffic.

I'm guessing this didn't happen by accident, and that one force behind the success of downtown Lafayette is the Wabash Valley Trust for Historic Preservation. The Trust has placed plaques on many downtown buildings that identify the building and date(s) of construction. I relied on many of those plaques to identify the images on these pages, so a tip of the hat to the Trust!

The Lafayette images on this site are just a sampling of what the city has to offer in the way of historic architecture. There's really no substitute for a visit. In any case, I've grouped the Lafayette, Indiana images on CyberIndiana by street, as follows:

Columbia Street [18 images]
Fourth Street [7 images]
Main Street [51 images]
Sixth Street [8 images]
Third Street [7 images]
Other Streets [9 images]