Re: Mike Habeck

I grew up in Florida and now live in central Indiana, where I work in the environmental field. Along the way I spent enough time in college to earn four degrees - two each from the University of Florida and Purdue University.

My career has been nonlinear, which I find unsettles potential employers. I've been a tanning supplies warehouse worker, hospital stockroom attendant, analytical chemist, cardiac telemetry technician, regulatory chemist, economist, plant growth modeler, environmental project manager, and people manager. At the moment I work on training, policy development, and process improvement.

Along the way I started and eventually shut down a web publishing company and a book publishing company, and wrote a short book about Indiana natural areas called Wild Indiana.

Interests include nature, nature photography, backpacking, and writing. My website Eco-USA is going on, including its precedessor, twenty years. Occasional jogger who once survived a triathlon - my favorite near-death experience. Have more ideas than the time, money, or energy to implement them. Looking forward to what comes next.

Contact Me

Need to get in touch with me? Drop me an e-mail at habeck (dot) mike (at) gmail (dot) com.

Sorry I can't post a live link to my e-mail address, but bitter experience has taught me that doing so is a recipe for spam inundation.