Spurgeon Woodland Reserve

Indiana Natural Areas: Noble County



Spurgeon is the first property acquired by ACRES Land Trust, way back in 1961. It comprises 65 acres of mature, relatively undisturbed, beech-maple forest, traversed by a long-stemmed lollipop trail with a side loop. According to ACRES, the preserve is home to Indianaís second-largest tulip poplar. USGS maps designate the area as The Knobs; this name comes from the glacially shaped terrain that contains numerous rather abrupt mounds as well as several wet areas. Large stones lie scattered about; these glacial erratics came from the far north with the glaciers and were left behind when the ice melted. There are a few numbered concrete markers, but Iíve never seen a guide that explains what they signify.

Spring brings migrant songbirds to join the resident species and an excellent mix of wildflowers, including toadshade, bishopís cap, long-spurred violet, jack-in-the-pulpit, and blue cohosh. However, once summer arrives and the trees leaf out, the understory is rather dark and can seem almost gloomy.

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